Providing quality, biblically-based education and training.

Equipping Christ-centred followers to impact the world.

The Gospel is central
The gospel is God’s good news to our fallen and broken world.

The gospel of Jesus Christ both informs and shapes all that we seek to do at Morling College.

God has entrusted His people with His good news and you will be encouraged and challenged to think, learn, live and serve Him in the light of this good news.

We seek to be those who actively reflect the good news through word and life and you will be encouraged to see how the gospel also shapes your life and service.

People matter
To be human means to be in relationship – with God and with people.

God has made every human in His image and likeness, and as such all people have intrinsic value and worth, because of this all people really do matter.

Morling will encourage you to see the purpose that God has for you and ways that you will be able to serve Him through working with other people.

Morling values all people and welcomes a diversity of theological opinion and ministry practice within a framework of shared gospel conviction.

Whatever the context that you believe God is calling you to, or are exploring what that context may be, Morling will encourage you on that journey through interaction with people who work in those fields and with other students who also are seeking to make a difference in our world.

Education is transformative
Education is far more than the mere transfer of knowledge and information, it is this, but it is also about the radical transformation of the whole person who through their lives and spheres of service seek to see the world a better place for all.

Morling seeks to provide an excellent education to empower you to pursue passionate Christian discipleship within you’re your chosen area of service.

This is achieved in the context of intentional integration of academic study, practical training, and spiritual formation.

We believe that as people are shaped by God and His word we will be encouraged to see His kingdom extended throughout our world.

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NSW 2113 Australia

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