Excelsia contributes to making a better world through active participation in a life-transforming global Christian learning community.

Excelsia is an academic community benefiting the world by producing research characterised by exemplary scholarship consistent with a Christian world view, and graduates prepared to lead in a range of professions.

Our values reflect our vision and our mission:

  1. Christ-likeness: striving to exemplify the life of Christ in our commitments, our actions and
    our relationships.
  2. Innovation and Creativity: working with passion and imagination in a range of influential professions, to further God’s transformative work in the world.
  3. Scholarship: creating a culture that values the search for truth, supports academic freedom and rewards rigorous thinking.
  4. Service to the community: using our skills and abilities in and beyond the Institution in the service of others.
  5. Lifelong learning: continually seeking knowledge, wisdom and capability to flourish and contribute in a changing world.

Deep Knowledge: A deep, coherent and extensive knowledge of studied disciplines characterised by intellectual openness, creativity and curiosity.

Critical Analysis: Willingness and ability to analyse issues logically, consider different options and viewpoints fairly, and make informed decisions in relevant artistic, academic and/or professional contexts and settings.
Lifelong Learning: A commitment to lifelong learning characterised by a willingness and ability to acquire, develop and apply knowledge and skills that facilitate positive adaptations to a changing world.

Effective Communication:
Aptitude to communicate information, arguments and ideas effectively and ethically through writing, speech
and/or artistic expression as appropriate within each discipline.

Christian Ethical Action: A sound knowledge and understanding of Christian values and beliefs, and of
the relevance of Christian faith to personal life, professional ethics, and social concerns.

Self Direction: A capacity for self-directed learning and activity while working effectively with others in scholarly, vocational, civic and/or artistic pursuits and endeavours.

Technical Competence: Competence and facility with materials, processes and technologies relevant to learned disciplines, generic information literacy and professional practice.

Responsible Innovation: Oriented towards exhibiting intellectual and artistic enterprise, innovation and independence in constructive, creative and responsible ways.

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