Eastern College Australia provides teaching, training and research from a Christian worldview that contributes to the church and the flourishing of humanity through the lives of its graduates.

Eastern College Australia will be recognised for university-quality education from a Christian worldview.

Eastern College is committed to Christ-centred, biblically-based, character-forming and gift-affirming faith expressed in vocational living, supportive community, service to others and connection to the church.

Eastern College is committed to the pursuit of knowledge and truth that integrates theory and practice
and values academic excellence, the importance of the mind and life-long learning.

Eastern College is committed to act justly in all human relationships, to exercise responsible care and stewardship of God’s creation, and to seek the just transformation of our world.
Eastern takes you on a journey where your faith meets your vocation.

Here are some distinctives about studying at Eastern:

Community. At Eastern we deeply value relationships and people. Whether you’re studying a certificate online, studying part time or full time, local or internationally, we value you as part of our community. At Eastern you will experience a relaxed culture and not only develop academically and spiritually but also have the opportunity to meet wonderful individuals from all walks of life, inspiring leaders, people with the same heart. You will develop close friendships that will remain with you throughout your life.

Partnership. A unique strength of Eastern is our partnership with Melbourne School of Theology (MST). We share the same campus in Wantirna and though we are two colleges we create one community. This partnership also provides an extensive selection of electives that you may be able to take. MST’s offerings include subjects in the areas of: Theology, Biblical Studies, Leadership, Spiritual Formation, Pastoral Care,
and Cross Cultural Missions.

Student Life. There are plenty of opportunities to enrich your student journey through the many College activities and events that occur during the year. This includes weekly student meals, academic conferences, public talks, Collectives (interest groups), prayer and worship nights, student led mission fundraisers and College gatherings. Our gatherings are held twice a week, and are a valuable time for the whole College to stop and worship together, hear from the Word of God and spend time in community.

Opportunities to Serve. Learning which occurs outside of the classroom is immensely important for holistic development and as part of the wider church we encourage our student body to follow in Jesus’ footsteps in serving others. At Eastern, students have the wonderful opportunity to serve God’s kingdom through mission trips locally and internationally through our Outbound projects. Students can also serve on campus in many ways through our community initiatives, worship leading, and serving in our Student Leadership Team.

Flexibility. We want to make study as accessible as possible, so our family friendly class timetable accommodates for school times, 9:30am–3:00pm. Many courses also make use of intensives and night classes to cater
for those balancing work and study.

Small classes. In our tight knit classes you will receive quality teaching and be able to build a deep rapport with your lecturers and classmates in a safe and relaxed environment.

Student Support. Your wellbeing is paramount and student welfare is taken seriously here. Our course coordinators, staff and faculty are all there to support you throughout your studies. From our student chaplaincy to our library services, we are here to help.

5 Burwood Highway, Wantirna

VIC 3152 Australia

T:    +61 3 9790 9200



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