Alphacrucis College

The Christian story forms the foundation of our worldview, western society and many global institutions. It provides the perspective from which we view the world and our role within it. This worldview is formed through an understanding of the centrality of Christ as revealed through the Bible, theology, history and culture.
We believe this is crucial to students of all vocations in society. It provides the foundation for building a changed community.

We believe that the Christian story results in the freedom of both individuals and communities. While we are committed to developing a Christian worldview, we also seek to understand alternative worldviews and show appreciation for the perspectives of others.

Alphacrucis is a catalyst for change. We believe that education based on a Christian worldview should produce more than information, but a transformation of the whole person. We must be changed by the educational experience to live a life of purpose and consequence. For this reason, personal growth and discipleship are key areas of focus at Alphacrucis. This includes the ability to nurture healthy relationships and foster a dynamic spirituality that leads to a transformative and engaged Christianity.

While individual change is a private matter and an individual journey, it can impact the public realm. As students are changed, their life takes on broader concern for the community, social justice and the environment.

We believe in connecting people to the Christian story to find their place in the transformation of our world. We are part of a larger narrative that encompasses people of faith from all generations. Yet we live in a new time with new challenges. We provide an environment for creative ideas and solutions to the questions of our time. Alphacrucis is a place for innovators - for people who dare to challenge the status-quo and create better alternatives for the future.

While we provide programs and course units in Social Engagement, we have a broader vision. Our vision is to see graduates outworking their faith in ways that promote justice, ethical living, grace and hope in our global community. We are a place for people who want to live a life of purpose and consequence that engages their community and transforms our world.


30 Cowper Street, Parramatta

NSW 2120 Australia

T:    1300 228 255



Provider Code: PRV12006

CRICOS Code: 00958A